McDonald's may have said goodbye to the iconic Mcrib, but with the Rib Sammy, you can keep the legend alive!


Our forms are made out of 100% food-grade silicone.

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How to make a BBQ rib sandwich

Make homemade bbq sandwiches with any kind of protein you want. Pack the forms with your choice of protein. We love using ground pork or ground turkey. Then put the packed form in the freezer to firm the protein up for at least 15 minutes (vegetarian meats should stay in for at least 30 minutes). There are countless ways to cook your patties, you can grill them, air fry them, you can smoke them, pan fry them or even bake the patties in the form (withstands indirect heat up to 375°F). Finish off your rib sandwich with pickles, sweet onions and your favorite bbq sauce on a toasted bun.